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Spotify Mobile Symbian S60


Spotify Mobile is a software free in english and sexy, user-friendly interface

This version of Spotify Mobile is compatible with this OS: Symbian OS ,

Spotify Mobile last update 7 de Noviembre de 2016
Spotify is a radio service to the letter that is causing a furor in the network. A program that allows, with a simple search, to listen to the song or the Group of music that you want at any time.
After releasing versions for Android and iPhone, Spotify is now expanding to Mobile based on Symbian. ConSpotify Mobile is possible to access all services spotify directly from your mobile phone: search and play back songs, create your playlists, share them with other users, access to the discography of your favorite bands, etc.
But Spotify Mobile hides an important innovation called "offline mode". With this mode you can download songs to your phone while you have coverage (WiFi or 3 G) and listen to them at any time since (and only) the environment of the program. I.e., you can continue playing music with Spotify in a local way.
Ultimately, Spotify Mobile has all the features to achieve or exceed the success than the version for PC, MAC and Linux have got.

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