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Pikaball Volleyball 1.2


Pikaball Volleyball is a software free in english and

This version of Pikaball Volleyball is compatible with this OS: Windows 95 , Windows 98 , Windows 98 SE , Windows ME , Windows 2000 , Windows NT y Windows XP ,

Pikaball Volleyball last update 26 de Octubre de 2016
Pikaball Volleyball is a kind of advanced version of the famous Pikachu Volleyball that we caused many heart attacks and headaches, adding to this some options like customizing the soundtrack, something more polished character graphically display the frames per second (FPS) and, to the delight of many, translation of their menus into English.
The game is the same and everything else also, changing only the name (project Pikachu Volleyball seems to have died) and adding small little things. By misfortune or fate, our hero is still Pikachu, but addiction remains the same and, again unfortunately, tricks also remain so.
Enjoy this unusual game, but above all to enjoy it with someone else, worth, really.

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