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AIDA32 3.94.2


AIDA32 is a software free in english and gives detailed information about your system

This version of AIDA32 is compatible with this OS: Windows XP ,

AIDA32 last update 4 de Mayo de 2012
AIDA32 is a diagnostic system for all aspects of the computer: peripherals, physical drives, configuration tools, Windows, etc.
The program highlights of their category because retail collects a large amount of information and ranked sample in such a way that it becomes really easy detect any problem.
In addition, AIDA32 has a wizard to automatically generate reports in HTML, XML, CSV, TXT, etc. This tool is very useful for system administrators in general or for users who manage multiple computers.
In conclusion, AIDA32 is a complete tool for managing a system, detect errors and check the performance of your PC.

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